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Witanagemot Club...

Copied from The Witanagemot Club Website: Posted by Toque

"Who are we and what do we do?

The Witanagemot club is a collection of bloggers that believe that the current constitutional settlement is disadvantageous to England. The word 'Witenagemot' is an old anglo-saxon word used to describe an Anglo Saxon gathering of eminent people. It would include bishops, ealdormen, thegn's and the like. They would be summoned by the king and would advise him on various issues that were important to the kingdom. They would act as witnesses and be responsible for new taxes, charters and running the country in between monarchs. The witan had a regulatory effect on the king so that his decisions were discussed fully before implementation. The witan could also responsible for choosing the king. This particular Witanagemot Club, however, is open to all, regardless of ethnicity, just so long as you believe that England too is a nation that deserves political recognition in the form of its own parliament."

Encyclopedia Britannica : England
"Outside the British Isles, England is often erroneously considered synonymous with the island of Great Britain ( England , Scotland , and Wales ) and even with the entire United Kingdom . Despite the political, economic, and cultural legacy that has secured the perpetuation of its name, England no longer officially exists as a governmental or political unit—unlike Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, which all have varying degrees of self-government in domestic affairs. It is rare for institutions to operate for England alone. Notable exceptions are the Church of England ( Wales , Scotland , and Ireland , including Northern Ireland , have separate branches of the Anglican Communion) and sports associations for cricket, rugby, and football (soccer). In many ways England has seemingly been absorbed within the larger mass of Great Britain since the Act of Union of 1707.' --- Encyclopedia Britannica, 2004."
The bloggers of the Witanagemot Club would like to change this state of affairs. Please check out the blogroll to see what we have to say on this subject.

English BlogsWant to join the Witanagemot Club? Here's how...


English BlogsTo be a member of the Witanagemot Club you should agree with our aims and you must be a blogger. In addition you will be prepared to provide a permanent link back to the Witanagemot homepage from the main page of your blog and, if at all possible, carry the Witanagemot blogroll.

English BlogsIf this sounds like you then you are all set to become a Witanagemot Club member; simply email Toque your blog details using the contact form [link from here] and you will add you to the blogroll and hopefully provide answers to any relevant questions that you may have.

English BlogsMembers of the club are expected to bitch and moan as often as possible about the political discrimination against England; send traffic the way of other blogs if possible; and, highlight the undemocratic regionalisation of our country.

The main purpose of the Witanagemot Club is that we are a more effective force working together.

If you would like to place a Witanagemot banner on your blog then there are presently two designs to choose from, one submitted by Little Man in a Toque and the other by The England Project.

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